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Do you have an idea for a badge that you'd like to have? Perhaps you may even have a design of your own that you'd like us to print? You've come to the right place. InsecureID is looking for good ideas and artists to help make new designs, and while we can't offer cash for your ideas at this time, once our business has enough volume, we want to be able to support artists who contribute great designs.

To submit an idea, you must agree to let us use your design by agreeing to the the copyright transfer form!


  • Images should be 638x1012 pixels. Printing doesn't extend all the way to the edge of each card, so it's best to not have any graphics within 1/8 of the edge.
  • Cards are typically white, with colored dye printing. For this reason, large, blocky graphics work best.
  • Optional colors are white ink on black cards
  • The designs should be work-friendly (for your workplace, at least)
  • No badges that could, in any way, be confused with real workplace badges or existing registered trademarks.
  • All graphics must be your own work and/or only contain copyright free graphics

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