About InsecureID

Work badges are usually boring with a big barcode and an unfortunate photo of you when you least expected it.  There’s no reason you shouldn’t add a personal touch to the object you need to wear all day! If you have a pull-cord style badge holder, the back of your badge is visible half of the day anyway.

Our goal is to design funny, fashionable, or interactive badges for you to add to the back of your current workplace badge. Each badge is printed on a sturdy plastic card just like your official one. If you have a great idea but can’t find it here, please send a suggestion.

Shop now to make work more interesting and fun by adding your own employee of the month award that you’ve always deserved, or one of the many other designs available from the shop.

Our company is headquartered in San Francisco, where all of our badges are printed.  We hire local designers whenever possible, and work toward a more sustainable environment by using biodegradable or recycled-plastic cards when we can.   Please help us by sending suggestions and telling your friends!

Store closed! No longer accepting orders!